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“TH strive to design motorcycles that stand out from the crowd.”

What do we do?

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles are specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke motorcycles, giving our clients complete individuality and the ultimate road presence in the form of a machine on two wheels. Manufacturers only offer a small amount of modification through their options catalogue; these typically err on the side of caution in terms of styling for obvious commercial reasons. Thornton Hundred was created to give customers a truly unique modification experience.

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Thornton Hundred & Hoodpin

Engineering and Design

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles are based in the heart of Buckinghamshire, 5 miles from Silverstone circuit which is world renowned for its Formula 1 roots, this area is saturated with world-class engineering and design firms which we use to our advantage. We use modern techniques such as 3d scanning to reverse engineer factory components, CAD software to design boundary pushing components, 3d printing in plastic and alloys to prototype and test parts and FEA stress analysis to ensure our components are safe for years to come. Our designs are factory- influenced, resulting in products that blend in seamlessly with the original bike.

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Reliability and usability are at the forefront of what we stand for, so its no surprise to see our bikes with thousands of miles racked up in all weathers. We revise every part of the bikes to ensure that they can withstand the harshest environments whilst retaining aesthetic brilliance. Plating, Coating, Paint and skinning processes are all used to ensure the bikes stay gleaming for years to come.


We never build the same thing twice

We understand that every customer is different, and we always strive to give our customers the opportunity to be involved in the build process of their motorcycle, or to buy a finished bespoke motorcycle. We never build the same thing twice, so all our creations maintain their individuality and exclusivity. Whether it be custom paint or wide wheel kits for motorcycling prominence, Thornton Hundred can accommodate almost any customer request to build their own dream machine and work to realistic timescales.

We are constantly re-investing and with every success comes fresh investment into new products and manufacturing techniques.

A tailored buying experience

We are dedicated to creating a relaxed and personal buying experience from our workshop that is based just outside of Milton Keynes, near Junction 15 just off the M1. We are also committed to delivering exceptional customer service, responding to all enquiries in a timely manner, inside and outside of working hours.

Our unique buying experience is gaining notoriety amongst our customers with regular build updates through social media and via personal channels. An addictive process starts to unfold as you build your machine in real time with us, making easy and flexible decisions throughout to ensure we deliver your perfect bike, suited to your every need.


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