Your Custom TH Exhaust

Custom order, hand made, delivered straight to your door

Hand Fabricated Custom Exhausts

Work with us to spec your perfect set of custom exhausts, then leave it to us to work our magic.

Choose from a whole range of options:

  • Pie cut section exhausts
  • Mandrel bend exhausts
  • Variable valve exhausts with DR. JEKILL & MR. HYDE end-can set up  (complies with European laws and is ECE, EG-BE and TÜV approved)
  • X-pipe exhausts
  • Striaght through exhausts  (Guaranteed to put a smile on your neighbours face)


All above models can have our hidden catalytic converters inside.

How To Order

Drop us an email and one of the team will be on hand to discuss your options and help you secure a build slot.

Photo’s of our previous builds are a great place to start, show us what you like and we can start to put together a quote.

Finalise a date to kick things off and let us do the rest. Usually lead times are 2-3 weeks, dependant on build slot availability.


As we’re sure you’ve seen, we’re big into our instagram stories, so keep an eye out to watch you custom exhuast come to life.

Fitting or Delivery?

Whether, you want to keep your hands clean, having one of our technical team fit your bespoke exhaust system or you’re down to get stuck in, we have options for you.

It’s important to note some designs require a few more bolts out than others, so speak with the team to get a good idea on fitting your pipes before hand.

If you’re based here in the UK we can offer what we call our fitting service or if you have the tools to get to work, we can package up and send your kit to you. wherever you are in the world. Shipping will be calculated per order, so have your address to hand when contacting the team.

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