A Passenger Seat Bobber Commission?

You guys certainly have loved seeing this idea come to life over on our YouTube and Instagram. We are, quite literally, talking with someone new everyday regarding the passenger seat! So we thought we’d make this information page…

As you know, the usual route when wanting to get a passenger on the back of your Triumph is to go down the Triumph Speedmaster route. However, our customer didn’t want to. He was in awe of the Bobber’s aesthetic and wanted to know if we could come up with a solution to his pillion seat dilemma.

After two very in-depth months of design, development, a hell of a lot of stress test analysis and some more design – we had what we believed was the base for a elegant passenger seat! The guys did a great job at Viking Motorcycle Seats, working with TH to upholster the diamond stitch leather seats. What you see now is the end result of a lot of attention to detail from the entire team.

Now, to what I’m sure you’re wondering – do we sell it as a kit? Well, the simple answer is no, this isn’t available on our webshop. We do however offer this to our clients as an optional extra, should they wish.

With our passenger seat mount being such a safety critical part, we’re not looking to offer it as a kit.¬†At Thornton Hundred, it is at utmost importance to keep the rider and passenger safe. That is why there needs to be correct instillation when it comes to this unique product.

If you want a stand-out Bobber with the availability of a having a passenger; this is the build for you! Please get in touch via our Contact page if you would like to find out more regarding a passenger seat build, or in-fact, with any enquiries regarding securing one of our build slots.

Finance is available across the range of TH customs.

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