T120 / T100 Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

Simplicity is vital to any great ride and with the Quad Lock smartphone mount you have the most secure and convenient way of utilizing your device for maps or apps on your T120 & Liquid cooled T100

We’ve taken the Moto mount kit and engineered a handlebar clamp with integrated spline, to lock your Quad Lock into place

Designed to replace the standard handlebar clamp, the Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp keeps your device centred and safe, whilst maintaining a low profile

Top tip from us at Thornton Hundred, never ride without a Quad Lock dampener! We’ve tried and tested them and they definitely help protect your smartphone from road vibrations
Quad Lock moto kit not included. Quad Lock moto dampener not included.


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The T120 Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mount

– Most secure and convenient way of utilizing your devicee
– Fitting your Triumph T120 & Liquid cooled T100
– Product keeps device centred and safe
– Integrated Spline
– Dampens the shock vibration
– Ideal for those wanting a low profile with a simple, finer look
– Designed and manufactured in UK