New Bobber Rear Light Seat Mount


Introducing Thornton Hundred’s meticulously crafted seat mount Replacement, tailored for Triumph Bobbers dating from 2016 onwards.

Protected by a resilient Cerakote coating, it boasts enduring durability with an elegant satin finish.

  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK
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  • Enjoy peace of mind with a three-year warranty covering the seat mount and KELLERMANN light.

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Introducing our newly redesigned Bobber Rear Light Seat Mount, meticulously crafted with an additional +-15mm adjustment to accommodate taller and shorter riders. Precision 5 axis machined from exotic alloys, this mount undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and safety. Seamlessly integrating a plug-and-play LED tail light, stop light, and indicator combo, it comes fully wired for effortless installation.

Designed by the TH team and proudly manufactured in the UK just outside of silverstone, the Bobber Rear Light Seat Mount features KELLERMANN THREE IN ONE BULLET 1000 DF INDICATORS,correctly spaced for uk mot compliance, maintaining a sleek appearance keeping all wires neat and hidden away using our bespoke 3d printed cable conduit.

Listening to your feedback, we’ve made further enhancements to cater to all types of riders. One of the latest additions is the ability to adjust the mount’s position, akin to adjusting your car seat. This ensures a tailored fit for every rider, enhancing comfort and riding experience.the new seat mount also has greater clearance to allow the standard mudguard to be fitted.

The innovation behind the Bobber Rear Light Seat Mount reflects our commitment to delivering premium-quality accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or embarking on long journeys, trust in the durability and functionality of our meticulous engineeRING.

Join the countless riders who have already upgraded their Bobber experience with our latest offering. Elevate your ride with the perfect blend of style, functionality, and adaptability. Experience the difference with the new version — engineered for riders, by the thornton hundred team.

Rear Light Seat Mount
+-15mm additional adjustment for rider height
Integrated LED 3 in 1 system. tail light, stop light, indicator combo
Our all-new housing to keep all the wires neat and tucked away
ready to bolt ONTO the motorcycle
Designed and manufactured in the UK

uk mot compliant
Easy to fit at home

Need to know how to fit this part?
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